Give a little to make a big difference

1000 people contributing 1000 Naira monthly to provide basic needs (food, clothing etc) for IDPs in Northern Nigeria.


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The objective of AThousand1000 is to get 1,000 people to commit to donating a minimum amount of N1,000 monthly for a period of 12 months. This will result in raising a total sum of N12 million (or above) during the period (January – December 2016).


So far, 169 have signed up to be part of this initiative. We still need 831 people to actualize this dream.


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Do you know?

Nigeria has over 2 million Internally displaced persons making it one of the countries with highest number of IDPs in the world and the highest in Africa.

Do you also know that of this ridiculously high number of displaced persons, over 50% are children less than 18?

Children have lost their parents, husbands can't find their wives, siblings have been forcefully separated. A lot of people have lost all they worked for and are only living by sheer act of faith and resilience.

But it needn't be so...

That's why a group of people came up with this idea to help these people attain self-reliance and restart their lives.

Your support can help provide vital needs such as food, clothing, healthcare and also help setup sustainable schemes for displaced persons in the North.
Every kobo you donate will be tracked and reports given at the end of every month so you can the see the impact of your support.

Be part of something that matters

Your donations will be used where it is needed the most. We intend to achieve this by partnering with NGOs that have proven and verifiable track records in working with displaced persons.

Please join hands with us and let's bring the much needed succour to these displaced persons desperately in need.