Frequently Asked Questions

Athousand1000 is simply a fundraising initiative whose objective is to get 1000 people to contribute N1000 each to provide food, clothings etc for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Nigeria.

Kindly sign up on our homepage

Contributions are fixed at N1000 for 12 consecutive months. If you wish to make a higher donation, or set up an alternate payment schedule, kindly send an email to

While the N1000/month payments are standard, you can add a little more if you’re so inclined.

NGOs will be required to provide regular update reports on the use and administration of funds and resources, as well as how much the donation benefited their wards.

All donors will receive monthly reports. The report will cover how much was raised by how many people, the NGOs we partnered with, the IDP camp we impacted and what the funds was spent on.

All partner NGOs will be required to sign a legally binding contract of agreement. Any breach of trust will be pursued legally.

NGOs that wish to partner with this initiative will be required to send in documents proving their registration, and that they have been active for longer than three months.
The organization MUST be registered with the CAC and can show proof of registration through relevant documents
The organization has been in existence for a minimum of two (2) years from date of registration
The physical address given by the organization is verifiable
The organization discloses all details of its board members
The organization is focused on support and developmental projects for IDPs in Northern Nigeria
Annual report for the last 1 year is provided
The organization has a track record and provides evidence of past projects executed. These projects will be independently verified.

A breakdown of the use of the funds for previous months will be sent by the NGO before the 15th of the following month. This will include pictures of materials distributed or services provided as applicable.

Independent verification of executed projects or distributed materials will be carried out by either assigned A Thousand 1000 members or a 3rd party organization engaged for this purposed. The NGO will aid this verification exercise as much as possible.

No, anybody be a donor irrespective of location.

No, it must not. You may make a lump donation if you desire, or send an email to to set up an alternate payment system.