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Stanley Oyovota
A Thousand 1000

AThousand1000: Fund raising group for IDPs Launches Officially

Giving a little to make a big difference.

Lagos, May 30, 2016 - Today, #AThousand1000, a fund raising group started by some young Nigerians with the goal of getting a thousand people to commit to donating ₦1,000 monthly for 12 months, officially launched its initiative. Since the group began collecting donations in January 2016, 122 people have signed up. The funds raised are given to carefully selected NGOs who are focused on IDPs in the north‎.

Oyinkan Akintola-Bello is a donor of A Thousand 1000 and serves on the operations committee. She said, "Having everything you have ever known taken away from you must be one of the most devastating things to happen to a person. I'm just glad that I can, in my own little way, help people get back on their feet."

"#AThousand1000 is a unique model which gives ownership of the initiative to every donor,” says Stanley Oyovota, chairman of the supervisory body of A Thousand 1000. "This can be seen from the fact that each donor’s name is listed on the website and an update is sent monthly to every donor on how much was donated the previous month and what it was used for" he added.

To aid the achievement of its objectives, the group

  • Has an operations manual that guides all its activities. This manual is accessible by all members of the public
  • Ensures there's constant communication with donors

About A Thousand 1000: A Thousand 1000 is a fund raising group based in Lagos, Nigeria. Its objective is to get a thousand people to commit to donating ₦1,000.00 monthly for 12 months, with the funds given to NGOs focused on IDPs. Donors can sign up on the website.

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